Cinematic Voyeurism

Last night I decided to be frivolous. That in itself is of course not a novelty- but the outlet of my wanting to be floosy, silly et al, was one I have never adopted before. I wanted to watch a movie. Now before you laugh, you must realize that it is extremely abnormal for me to go watch a relatively pointless mishmash of mush without returning and launching into a verbal/written scathing diatribe over the sad quality of artistic expression of all humankind. Yesterday was different. The movie was outrageous– complete with cartoon characters, balloons and beautiful people; the kind of reality that normal people never experience… Or hold on people like me never experience. What was fun was being out till 2 in the morning, with a dear friend (who became dear how I have no clue!) and just smiling. Sure I lost sleep and had a horrid broadcast in the morning… Sweet memories and songs playing in your head make the day worthwhile sometimes. Cheers, to the good times!

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