Muse on poetry and other literary pursuits

A friend of mine just remarked that everyone these days has a blog… I could’ve been hurt by that statement. I have been blogging since blogdom dawned on humankind. Its just that my blogs have migrated many a servers and so the ‘archives’ aren’t really a true reflection of my typing (??) (eeerrrrrr…. I meant literary)!!! Maybe he has a point? GULP!!!!!….. skills atleast time-wise! At any rate– this bit of prose is one that I always wanted to write. So why do I or anyone else for that matter write? Laziness is a pretty profitable pursuit and Derida complicates the mind so much that it ruins your sleep…. I suppose the truth is what this other friend of mine just said not so very long ago… the empty mind is the devil’s workshop… my mind is so full the words sort of leak out of my ears…. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!