The wedding bell tolls for two…

Yesterday I went to a wedding. Two of my dearest friends were getting married… and I was as always in demand at gun-point. In demand, ofcourse, because I can organise! The wedding was fun for lots of reasons– some funnily were nice moments shared with a lovely person prior to MY preparations for the big day. That involved a trip to the local market in the rain to find a mehendi wala who after much walking made an apperance and did a lovely job. We then proceeded to walk into a uptown eating joint where I was literally spoon-fed, much to the amusement of waiters and co-diners who thought we were being extremely romanic in a typically bollywood style… though nothing could be further from the truth. Wet mehendi on both your hands is a practical handicap, not a mushy choice. The wedding the next day was a whiz of sarees, flowers, guest lists and food that smelt yum (yeah I never got around to eating any!!)… I think my maroon outfit looked ok– a photographer seemed to be following me aound which I believe is a positive indication… I came home before all the alchohol was served having cursed the inventor of stilletos, and then proceeded to dinner at JNU at a lovely dhaba (the prices were the best part) with friends….

Except the aching feet I had a nice time….

Ps: The one person I hoped would see me in a saree didn’t…. sigh! I was hoping the remenants of girldom in me would make me smile IF he complimented me- naaa was not to be!