Slow Time

Dear Blog,
Hello!… its been a while since I shared my absurdities online. Sometimes you get so involved with the nitty-gritties of life that you no longer engage with larger and more important pursuits like blogging!… So my heartfelt apologies blog I hope I didn’t hurt you sentiments (actually I hope I did, atleast you care even if only electronically)! These days I look at my life and see a movie. Its weird when you are writing the script of movie that has to with monks and spiritual exploration and then suddenly you find yourself seeing snatches of your life at Studio 4 and mentally editing parts you don’t like. The patches and inconsistencies erased it would make a beautifully evocative tragedy– the moments of joy, booze, dope, bike rides, lunches and dinners, hugs, smiles and stuff seem to be complete misfit. And that is scary- its like you’ve been fed misery for so long that you can’t seem to do without it anymore. There is also something strange when you find yourself thinking ‘been there, felt that, done that’… to every situation a friend shares with you. All novelty seems dead and all repsonses conditioned with a overrriding sense of ME.  I’ve lived out a movie fast-fwded at unplayable, uncomprehendable speeds— slow time is what I need. See you around tomorrow then dear blog. Duty calls. 🙂