Homeward bound

It is a nicely funny feeling to know that there are safe havens you can hide in when your home becomes not so warm and the beacon of light becomes more threatening than welcoming. Today is my weekend. About to end in a couple of hours and I have accomplished much. I have slept. That in itself is a novelty and for once of the variety I like. I have a feeling I might fall sick, but then a dear soul tells me that there is enough love to take care. SMILE SMILE. 🙂 isn’t there a way comps can turn smiley’s the right way up…. there’s something sidey about cocking your head to the left everytime…. but oh well I am a crab so, I might as well be used to it. NO? I also got drunk after ages yesterday and spend a horrendous sum of money on cornily named cocktails- cock-tails!…. CORNY ! Get it?…… anyway the long island ice-tea had the wrong variety of rum- the proportion in the martini was haywire (it’s 1:4 1/2….) anyway with the result that I walked down unsafe delhi roads in blissful delight. Without eventuality I believe… or hope! maybe selective amnesia is a good thing…

One of my pals sent me a sentimentally overloaded friendship day message. I find these days ludicrous, but anyway its the thought that counts right? I have research papers to rewrite tonight. SIGH. SOB SOB SOB!!!!!!!!! and now before my live company decides to throw whatever he can at me… (considering I have been mentally and physically torturing him all evening) I should go….

Sing for me.Please don’t go… please don’t go…. I’m the only angel you know…. I was sent from heaven above to entertain you forever….. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa can’t hear the music. Got the message. Tata.


In peace and such docile emotions….