Executive Glass

Today I have nothing to do. My off-day and the workoholic that I am– even though I did something completely uncharecteristic of me– landed up nearly post lunch, I am at work. I’ve met some clients. The Mr. Kumar and Mr Singh and Mr Kapoor sorry…. he wasn’t poor Mr kaPUR… lol! 🙂

So as I was walking down the hall today, I passed by the large conference room where the manager and the director of marketing appeared to be having a pretty serious meeting. Just seeing them sitting in there with such serious looks on my face I felt the urge to walk up to the full-length glass wall of the conference room and begin making faces and posing. Sure, I’d look like a fool, and it would be completely out of character for me, but I imagined how hard they would laugh when they saw it.
That then lead to the thought of a bit on Candid Camera. Body builders standing in front of a mirror posing and flexing then suddenly the mirror becomes just a window where on the other side are horrified business executives trying to hold a meeting
yes… it made me chuckle.