Have you changed yet?

It seems again that “change” is in the air. Those of us who like to intellectualise like to talk about change – but what we usually mean is change by others not ourselves. We like the “idea of change,” but seldom do we embrace changes when it means that we must do the changing. We prefer to think of ourselves as agents of change – causing others to change. We rarely think of the changes we must make to remain relevant in a dynamic world.

Revolutionary changes in society, our institutions, and by individuals will sweep us out some day. I suppose my vision is utopian: organizations that were once managed by command and control mechanisms within a hierarchical structure will become flat, fluid, entrepreneurial, and managed in a participatory manner.

But I honestly believe that institutions that do not adapt to the new biophysical and the new social environment will be gone, extinct, kaboom or any other way you may fancy… We could see this period of rapid transformation as an opportunity to explore a new vision, for some reason though for a mojority of huma souls it will be a time of painful and reluctant compliance to a seemingly chaotic world. What is there to say about the changing nature of change?