With applause in my ears…

Today I spoke to Faizal Alkazi, and it was not an arranged meeting. Faizal Alkazi is one of modern India’s best known faces as far as theatre goes. Son of the legendary Iqbal Alkazi, Faizal is surprising. Almost shocking. He is a short man- barely able to reach up to the mike at the podium, he wears glasses and is distracted in an oblivious way.

Yet, there is some magic- magic when he speaks. Magic when he says that theatre exists not for the personal but the political, for propoganda not for peace, to churn not to settle, to twist not to sort… “upheaval” said Faizal, is what all Indian theatre is about. We talked of Safdar Hashmi and of blood running in the streets of theatre.

I had turned my back upon Faizal and his performing art. Now I want to go bad. Why? I shall do theatre for my cause– until, the picture of an infant suckling on a dead woman’s naked breasts does not fade from my mind.