No silver lining to this cloud… And even if there was; it would be DIM to see

Global dimming has arrived. Atsumu Ohmura discovered something rather unnerving a few years ago: Over the past several decades, the amount of solar radiation reaching the surface of the earth has been declining. In other words, the globe has been dimming, at the same time it’s been warming. Even more disturbing is Ohmura’s latest thesis: If we take steps to decrease air pollution and thereby increase the light, we’ll also increase the heat. Paradox; and wait it gets worse.

“Asian Cloud menaces world’s most populous continent” … could be the bets selling fiction except that the title has now transcended the boundary towards reality. In the new book “Feeling the Heat,” Jim Motavalli describes a phenomenon that’s likely to give you nightmares. Seriously, just stop reading. Okay, I warned you: Hovering in the atmosphere over the Indian Ocean and other Asian waters, and covering some 10 million square miles, is the Asian Cloud. This dense conglomeration of pollution bits curtails the amount of sunlight reaching the earth’s surface, playing havoc with photosynthesis and disrupting natural hydrological cycles. It absorbs heat, warming the atmosphere. It drops to the Earth like acid rain. It is expected to adversely affect the lives of up to a billion people. And, oh yeah: Given the right wind patterns, it can travel around the globe in a week. Sweet dreams!