Culling The Cult

I’ve forever wondered about the miscellaneous bodies that call themselves ‘groups’, often manifested as high school high-profilers or college buddies who drink, dress, talk and even walk alike; or even political and religious bodies for that matter. Each, in fact, serves as a mocrocosmic case study in the macrocosmic (I love those m*cro-words!) phenomenon (or pandemic!) of cults.

As a child, the Hare Krishna Hare Rama fare seemed like fun from the stands. Many a teen even found their idols in such fashionable frats. But if seen carefully, the glitter peels away to reveal tarnish, certainly no gold. Seeing professionally qualified, fairly intelligent and articulate people shop for soul curry from Gurus makes one worry. The supposedly disoriented, in these circumstances come under the guidance of a broker of spirituality and gulp down sugar-coated (read Placebo) aphorisms of life. And this would all be okay- after all each to their own opium- but for the fact that they organise themselves along civilizational lines. There are codes of conduct, dressinga nd yes-even address! Hauntingly evocative of the infamous Hail Hitler of yore! Indeed, each of these fraternities/sororities are proto-fascist; in hierarchy, organisation and complete intolerence of dissent/criticism. Each sheep is promised a shepherd on joining the flock. My question is- What if this promised deliverance is at the altar? Lamb-chop anyone?!

Pledging lives, lands and money- ordianry mortals prop another as their anchor. Why? How is it that a ‘personal’/’individual’ alienation which reults from the inability to engage with overwhelming numbers walking this Earth, finds an elevation, a solution even by joining another set of numbers? That there are numerous such sects that throng our world gives capitalism’s pet consumer bait-choice, a sinister turn. You now have the choice to choose your master, with willingness being well rewarded.

Why do people become followers? Is it actually true enlightenment or a gulity conscience that one tries to expatiate through this? Maybe it is the desire to ‘belong’. But then why abandon family and worse independence of thought and action? Is there really true accessibility and equality- if that is what is being sought? If so, then why the competition for a divine glance or touch? Why an inner coterie of a privilleged few? Maybe, the Messiah’s world view is of the self as centre and then lesser, lessening mortals!!

Quite frankly, sects make me claustrophobic. But then again the practioners and their advocates could call me anti-social (which, I am starting to believe is more an attribute and less of an insult)… In order to appease them- my bit for their society would be a warning to very Messiah that when they draw lists of blessed followers they must recall that some supper thay may be seated next to Judas….

Ps: Amen! Wine… and lamb-chop! CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP….