…. and so now there’s even a day for those who aren’t here! August 30 is observed in many parts of the world as the Day of theDisappeared… ”

…Notorious for their occurrence in Argentina, Chile and other countries in the 1970s, “disappearances” are more than just a “Latin American problem”. Hundreds of thousands of people have “disappeared” in countries such as Iraq, Sri Lanka, the former Yugoslavia and many others.
Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children have suffered such fates — the victims not of wars between nations, but of deliberate government policies of repression…” Says Amnesty International.

The UN has begun drafting an international treaty against “enforced disappearance” — the UN term for “disappearances”. Governmental representatives are to consider the draft at a meeting in Geneva in October….


Did my TITLE just disappear?! What about my first para… and the last three lines. I want a day too!