Green Politics

I beg to differ when people say: “There are issues more vital than the environment, human rights and politics for example…” Green issues and politics aren’t quite as divorced as they seem and will become less and less divergent in the future. This could be a brilliant opportunity- to bring the green agenda into the political mainstream.

” Rising sea levels force millions of Bangladeshis into India, fuelling ethnic and religious tensions that end in bloody riots. In Africa, crops wither in the parched landscape of a once-lush nation, bringing strife to the countryside and leading citydwellers to clash with the army as they loot shops for food. ”

With Russia ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, scenarios like those could very much be the reality. A growing number of analysts argue that global warming linked to greenhouse gas emissions is not just a “green issue”.
They argue it might eventually top terrorism on the global security agenda, provoking new conflicts and inflaming old ones.

Global warming for example poses a greater long-term threat to humanity than terrorism because it could force hundreds of millions from their homes. The economic link is one that turns environmental concerns into political realities just by costing trillions of dollars.