Be a good wife!

“Aildas Hemnani, leads a course (in Bhopal) that emphasizes women should be subservient” (John Lancaster — TheWashington Post)

In preparation for her imminent marriage, the slender, dark-eyed grocer’s daughter is nearing completion of a popular three-month course on how to be the ideal Indian wife. Among other things,the course emphasizes the importance of house-hold chores, suggests keeping sex to a minimum and advises that the key to blissful relations with anew husband is to “think of him as your god.”

It also recommends extreme deference tomothers-in-law, who typically live under the same roof as the new brides. At a time when Indian women are struggling to shrugg off centuries of oppression and are entering the workplace in record numbers, the teachings of the “Manju Institute of Values” serve as a reminder of the enduring power of tradition in Indian marriage – its continuing role in holding women back…