The Sangh Parivar’s Population Theory

According to “research” literature distributed by Vigil, a Parivar outfit, at aworkshop on Religion and Census there has been a decline in the share of “Indian Religionists” in the total population over decades, which should be a matter of concern to all patriots. “Indian Religionists” is a concept that has been promoted and propagated by the Parivar and, in its own words, denotes “adherents of religions of Indian origin”.

If one were to play along with the Parivar logic, “patriots” or “nationalists” of Japan, China or Myanmar ought be seriously worried that millions upon millions, sometimes even the largest section, of their population, are “adherents” of a religion not “born” in those countries, since they are Buddhists! They should take a lesson from the Sangh Parivar on protecting their “national (and how would this be defined?) identity” (may be by carrying out a campaign of hatred and vilification against Buddhists).

Perhaps the most worried should be the Americans– more than 90 percent, and probably even a higher percentage, of the population of their country practise/adhere to religions not “born” in America (a native relilgion of that country can only be one which is/was practised by RedIndians).

Besides the Hindu population in the US is “growing” at a much, much higher “rate” than that of other religious groups. That should worry patriotic Americans (like Ku Klux Klans, the counterparts of the Sangh Parivar) that in some decades, or may be a couple of centuries, America too will become a Hindu nation!

The Parivar takes refuge in Prof. Huntington (of the notorious “Clash ofCivilisations” theory) and quotes him thus, “Anglo-Protestant culture has been central to American identity for three centuries”. It quotes Huntington expressing concern over the influx of Hispanics from Mexico (which is caused by the dynamics of capitalism and is not related to religion/ethnicity) “who will constitute 25 per cent of the (American) population by 2040” and of immigration and “fertility rates” of Blacks andHispanics.

Apart from approvingly quoting racist interpretation of current day developments, Vigil documents also cite the professor’s call to Americans to “recommit themselves to the Anglo-Protestant culture, traditions and values, that for three and a half centuries have been embraced by Americans of all races, ethnicities and religions and that have been the source of their liberty, unity, power, prosperity and moral leadership as a force for good in the world”.

These are words that echo the American ruling circles’ justification of their colonial and imperialist war in Iraq. (Only a couple of days before the American presidential poll, one heard over the BBC a debate at a University, where Madelein Albright, (Democrat, who was in the Clinton cabinet), herself no anti-imperialist, replying to a claim by a pro-Bush participant that America was in fact helping to usher in democracy in Iraq. Albright said,”Imposing democracy … that is an oxymoron… It is as if the Reformation was led not by Martin Luther but by the Ottoman Emperor”.

The militarism and ultranationalism of the Parivar ideology needs no further testimony.

Vigil documents claim that “the relatively larger proportion of youths among Muslims (in the United States of America/Europe) will lead to a greater resurgence of global extremism and the West will not have enough young to counter it. Although the overall Indian position appears to be better, it is quite likely that inIndia too the proportion of this age group will be much higher amongst the Indian Muslims”.

Let’s transliterate…The meaning : extremism is another name forMuslims. Perhaps, we have to believe that certain sections of Maoists, Khalistanis, ULFA etc. are all Muslims. Or that the erstwhile Red Brigades ofItaly or Bader group of Germany were all Muslims! and Of course, those who perpetrated untold atrocities on the thousands of innocent Muslims of Gujarat — men, women, and children — were themselves Muslims!