Yearly Reflection

If I had the choice, I might just pull the shell down over my head and go my merry way… The world seems a bit loud these days and what I need most is a little quiet time to sort out the events of last year. I’ve had a lot of victories of late, including a promising fresh start career-wise, and working out a relationship. I honestly, expected more… but well!

I rearranged priorities, reassessed values, and learned a great deal about my innate strength, resourcefulness and resiliency… (yeah mouthful!!!) It’s not been easy…Life asked me to be objective, detached and practical–just the opposite of me (read engaging, nurturing and sensitive to others…)

On hindsight though, being objective gave me a Polaroid of reality to hold at arm’s length so that I could see things as they were, rather than how I wished them to be. Most importantly I reluctantly learned that in the long run, it is better to deal with truth than fantasy.

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