Tsunami Turmoil

The trouble with all the furore over Tsunami is that it all comes from the outside. Fifteen days in Tsunami land and what is most troublesome is apathy in the disaster-prone region. Oftentimes disasters bring people together– strangely and sadly enough this is not the case with Tsunami. The average city-dweller of Chennai, unaffected by Tsunami simply does not care. Take a look at the cross-section of volunteers: Less than 4% are in their 20’s and could be classified middle-class. Then one needs to turn to the operations of the RSS- give aid only to Hindus– and how? Any man circumcised must be Muslim! Fishermen reject help from anyone who sounds or looks middle-class. This is class, caste, gender-bias and isolation filtering down to tragedy. To my mind; the division is the greatest loss of Tsunami far in excess of crores of lost property more dangerous than the loss of millions of lives.