Sex and Prejudice

I was not too convinced by Sharukh’s realisation of the ‘virtues’ of India in Swades and with good reason. So primitive is this nation that a landlord objects to the existance of a ‘female’ in a man’s house post eleven in the night. What was insulting was not the insinuation that she might have been a prostitute or that he categorised her amongs other objects akin to furniture. What was insulting was the moral righteousness that the man reeked of. The same man, a politician and by that right a man of some repute must have slept with dozens of women and obtained funds from brothrels… and yet he knocks at one in the morning in the hope to catch them in the act. The question is about double-standards, about privacy and about the rule of law in relation to coercion… And so now I stand convinced that India will go no place. No place, till the righteousness and rigid ideas of purity do not give way.