100 Things about me

1. I am short
2. I have never coloured my hair, I have permed it once
3. I have dark brown eyes with eyelashes that keep falling into my eyes
4. I can talk a lot
5. I love to read
6. I am a rock fan
7. I want a home theatre system and laptop desperately
8. I love naveen
9. I also love my family at most times
10. My family is socialist- I dislike socialism
11. I am an enlightened Capitalist
12. I don’t know why I am studying what I am studying.
13. I have never had a pimple
14. I live-in
15. I love chocolate and teddy bears
16. I want to live with animals in Kenya in tent
17. I want to change the world and get credit for it
18. I think laughter is the best medicine for low spirits and food for headaches.
19. I’ve been unwell lately and it worries me
20. I hate Delhi University
21. I love ice
22. I hate hot humid summers, but I hate winters more
23. I wish I could write poetry
24. I wish I really had brains and didn’t always want to get by
25. I can speak four languages
26. I love Shakespeare
27. I live upto my name
28. I am bored of trains
29. I have walked out five times in my life
30. I have declined opportunities to go abroad five times because of funds
31. I want to be very very very very very rich
32. Most people think I am mad, obnoxious, loud or strange
33. Naveen loves me and I will steal his passport
34. I support choice
35. I believe in god but I am not religious
36. I will build my house of glass and wood
37. I can forget the world while dancing
38. I am a debater and an adjudicator
39. I have had a lot of jobs
40. I have a thing for controversy
41. I am chronically depressed
42. I am the most tenacious person I know
43. I dislike myself but wouldn’t want to be any other way
44. I can sit at a computer all day and all night
45. I am better at English than maths. In fact I hate maths and maths hates me.
46. I am not as odd as I like people to believe
47. College is a better experience than school
48. I am convinced that I am either an alien or a mutant.
49. I love getting wet in the rain.
50. People never guess my age right.
51. All my best friends hate each other
52. I talk to Varna everyday
53. I believe in the matrix
54. I hate Delhi and love Bangalore
55. I hate the BJP and communal people
56. I try to atone for my sins by being nice and helpful
57. My ambition scares me
58. I am more blunt than gutsy
59. I love my eyes and certain other portions of my body
60. I wanted to be taller and have a dimple
61. I want to marry and have kids
62. I love Blogging
63. I wish I was better at photography
64. Films and music can make my cry
65. I like online radio
66. I hate being ordered around
67. I have been abused
68. I have recurring dreams which feature me murdering someone
69. I spend phenomenal amounts of money on food and transportation
70. I like tennis better than cricket
71. I used to know how to play the guitar
72. A book rack back home has a picture of me which looks utterly manly
73. I love sausages and butter
74. I can live on grapes, curd and orange juice
75. I love diamonds
76. I want to go on a cruise
77. My house has no curtains just bedsheets
78. I get the most awful headaches and footaches but have never been to a dentist
79. I have broken bones six times thus far
80. My favourite drink is Vodka, Rum makes me hmmm….!
81. I want to able to write in Latin someday
82. I love Sean Connary
83. I think words are the most powerful tool in the universe
84. I am anti-nuclear weapons and anti-war
85. I think India should be broken down into many smaller autonomous nations
86. I regret not having studied economics
87. I love blue and green
88. Mosques make me peaceful and I hate Hindu temples save the architecture
89. I am impatient and can be very judgmental
90. I have an enormous negative will
91. I would rather smoke-up and than get drunk
92. I get bored of people and things a tad too quickly
93. I have tried writing a book
94. I do not like Harry Potter
95. I am terrified of disappointing people
96. I love the moon, the sea and mountains
97. I am claustrophobic
98. I think homosexuals are fine human beings
99. I want to make films one day
100. I am popular and I find that strange.