Changes on the Blog Scene

1. My e-mail address, and other profiles up.
2. Have a great blogroll with stuff that is ‘Must-Read’!
3. A search option with a site-map that will give you a flavour of how I think.
4. An e-mail subscription list for those who don’t use RSS or site syndication.
5. A scratch pad and a daily thought’s section to put down little absurdities and such.
6. A shout box for a conversation.
7. Moods so you know what prompted the weird post .
8. Lists of what I’m reading, listening and watching.
9. Quiz results for nice pictures and a slice of moi
10. Stuff on the net I support
11. A disclaimer and such
12. New commenting system.
13. Section Headers

The old stuff remains- Blog Syndication, Bloglines Subscription, Licenses, Site Statistics, Previous Posts and Archives…

Coming Up: Post categories, two sidebars, links and a new background and layout.

Why: Bored, feeling html-y!

How: Look at my source code or e-mail me and I’ll tell ya how!

Do leave comments on how you like it.

Muchos Gracias!