A Small Tutorial

Priya sent me an e-mail asking me for help with Blogs and Blogging. I am flattered and thanks… so here goes:

The best and most comprehensible definition of a Blog can be found here. If I had to save you the pain, a Blog is short for Weblog. Its a sort of self-publication platform and an online diary that has now become the hub of alternate journalism. There are several ways to start your own blog- you could create one right from scratch using an HTML editor such as Notepad, Frontpage or something else depending on how fancy you want to get and upload it on a webserver- the best one out there is Apache. Then there are services like WordPress, Movable Type and such- you can find details about all these services here.

Since you asked about Blogger especially, let me tell you something about Blogger. Blogger is a Blogging Service that will help you create, publish and host your own blog. Its the best bet you have if you don’t have your own server, want to avoid excessive technicalities and keep things relatively simple. Blogger also allows you to customize your blog is you know a bit of HTML. Here are some links that will help you get started:

1) Blogger Basics
2) HTML Tutorial
3) A Blogger Tutorial
4) A legal Guide to Blogs
4) How to Blog
5) Blog Tools

This will tell you a little bit about the changing world of Indian Bloggers. You can find Blogger Support here and this should be helpful as well.

A Blog is essentially about self expression, a platform for creativity, a place to vent, a place to sell, a place to tell the world about you- in fact you could use it for anything as long as it doesn’t promote racism, sexism, pornography and such… As a matter of fact a Blog is a great deal of fun! These should help you get an audience.

I guess the idea behind the blog is to communicate- I am pretty sure it is the first rule!