Some thoughts on Non-Proliferation

Someone told me that my commitment to peace was dubious because I didn’t support test ban treaties. I want to understand this accusation. Should I accept an act of global imperialism because I claim to be pro-peace? And If I do give into this act of global imperialism does my commitment to peace become genuine?

The Nuclear Non proliferation Treaty (NPT) signed in 1968 says three things, all of which I have problems with. The treaty states that only those ‘powers’ that possessed nuclear weapons prior to its being signed could possess nuclear weapons. Nice way of saying that USA can remain the country with the largest legal stockpile of nuclear weapons, secondly it implies that some countries can under some circumstances possess weapons of mass destruction. My commitment is to complete disarmament- and I would rather America started first!

Next, all other countries are obliged to accept and swear to the acquisition of these weapons and accept international safeguards on all fissile materials. In return, these countries are promised access to nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, including power generation. So- that means the N-5 gets to Bomb alone.

Nuclear blackmail eh?