A season for disaster

The weather in India puzzles me. True this is a land of diversity and extremes and all that… but still regular cycles of natural disasters are appalling! Its almost like every season claims its shares of lives. Come summer and people will die of heat stroke, in the winter of the bitter cold and in the monsoon there is the expected monsoons that will drown a couple of thousands across the country. Met Dept reports even forecast the damage to life and property! Now is there something wrong with me or is it that ONLY this country (and similarly placed nations on the economic spectrum) that have such weather fluctuations? Or is the truth rather simple- that the government has actually come to expect deaths with seasons and would rather do nothing about it.

Setting up preventive systems will actually cost far less than a massive 500 crores every year that India spends on monsoon relief packages, upto 40% less according to one estimate by a Met Dept official. This is a good example of an initiative (private incidentally) that monitors and uses preventive measures. So how about it?