Laughs on the net

Once in a while one comes upon a gem on the internet- a little spark of ingenuity combined with a sense of humour. Here is one of those …. “Alas, the page once here has gone astray; there’s nothing more that I can do or say. Did you type it wrong or did it move? The document is probably at the Louvre. A wicked pox on those who are to blame; without a doubt, their heads are hung in shame. Perhaps another link would aid your quest, or would you rather stare at Chris’s chest? Our site is filled with fun from stem to stern – so stick around, there’s plenty more to learn. With help abound since nineteen ninety-six, the Gnomes have a knack for wicked picks. My sonnet, thus, was crafted just for you; There’s nothing more that I can say or do….”