Political Choice

I wrote an article last night for a magazine- it essentially dealt with the notion of what is political and then developed an argument for why one must have their own brand of politics and more why we cannot and must not be apolitical. For me the reason and the evidence is rather plain. I live in the worlds largest democracy and yet I cannot live my life without fighting for my rights every single day. Nothing illustrates the poor political choice Indian better than this:

PM Manmohan Singh today said India was a responsible nuclear power which had declared no-first-use policy. I don’t quite understand this statement- its almost oxymoronish- how can a responsible nation be a nuclear weapons state and claim to be responsible? The only thing it is or rather will be responsible for will be genocide and by that time there will be no one left to take responsibility for. It was the Atal Bihari Vajpayee (BJP) government which had pushed into full force India’s nuclear doctrine.

While we in the peace movement have waited thus far, the UPA government has so far not said a word on drafting a fresh nuclear policy for India. If nothing else the PM’s statement today shows the UPA government is as much pro-nukes as the NDA. As far as nuclear weapons go not speaking out is as bad as saying yes to the other side.