Pipe Dream

One of the free market pillars is the idea of free trade and the fact that allowing people to trade freely will ensure more prosperity. There is one incidental consequence of free trade in conflict-ridden places, Israel-Palestine or India and Pakistan for instance. This is the idea that free trade is not just about material or economic prosperity but is also a great bringer of peace.

A little known study done by the society of peace and conflict studies has just revealed that a movement towards whatever little peace there is in the Israel-Palestine conflict has been achieved thanks to a free-er trade on the Gaza strip. One example that tells us that win-win situations can exist, that people would rather trade than bomb each other out of existence and that the the basis of life is not nearly always conflict.

The tri-lateral initiative of a gas pipeline between India, Pakistan and Iran is another such example. If the deal comes through- it is the biggest guarantee we have of a no-war situation in this fragile region. Why? Because there will be profits and property at stake. Globalization and peace, anyone?