Housing Trouble

Last night was a rather tumultuous once. Readers now know, that I am plagued once every six-months by the phenomenon of homelessness– yesterday was out on yet another house related battle that rather alarmingly soon escalated into a gender type war. After two years of living in paying guest accomodation, alone and living-in, I had this time decided to share a flat with two other women friends- a room each close enough to college and work. The whole thing in fact seemed to be proceeding so smoothly that I ought to have suspected trouble brewing sometime earlier, I suppose my brain yearns for some ease in life however!

The gist anyway goes thus: we paid a huge sum of six thousand to ‘finalize’ the deal as it were, and then we were called and told that the landlord in question had changed his mind and did not want to let his house out on rent to journalists (my would-be house mates) or lawyers. There are two things that puzzled me about this : 1) The degree to which property owners are terrified of the assumed power of journalists and lawyers and b) The utter refusal to take any responsibility or to account for time of those who assumed that they finally have a house. What happened later was a confrontation of four beef sized forty year old men versus two short and sharp tongued women. We won. We won an additional one grand as compensation after a verbal volley of abuses and threats to remain rooted outside the property in question for the next ten hours or so.

Its a different story that we promptly squandered the one grand on alcohol as celebration later that very night….