Subliminal Messages

Lately I’ve been depressed, to help my mood get better I ventured out for the first time in a long while. I went to a rock show. The local rock show at the local collegiate fest. It was good, loud death metal that I could lose myself in till a band that called itself (Ironically) ‘Brahma’ (the creator, in Hinduism, the faith of the vast majority of India) came on stage. There was nothing wrong with the music, as a matter of fact they were till that point the best of the lot. Post three songs the main singer said this:

“… And this song is for that little country next to ours, Pakistan, and its people…. its called “Let’s bomb our neighbours”…”

I was shocked out of my wits, why? Because this is how much fascism and fundamentalism has pervaded the everyday consciousness of people. The musical genre of rock has a small following in India- it comprises mostly of people who live and breathe their music, dope, drink and have little or nothing to do with politics. I do not believe being apolitical is a virtue, however, being apolitical as opposed to being fundamentalist openly IS a virtue.

Daniel’s (the lead singer) words were greeted with a loud hoot of applause that I am rather sure had little do with music. This is what is scary and dangerous– the subliminal messages, the slow altering of consciousness, the slow acceptance of oft repeated words, the sinking in of rhetorical speech…The growth of the communal, fascist and militarist ideology.