On a whim

Sometimes I feel, sometimes I don’t
Sometimes I cry, sometimes I don’t
Times I laugh, minutes slip by.
Then the breeze without you wafts by,
A little tear glistens on my eye…

2 thoughts on “On a whim

  1. Varna…I wrote a poem with the exact same lines, which was my first one ever. This is no place to post a poem but thought of sharing just ‘coz I want to:):

    Sometimes, I feel.
    Sometimes, I don’t.
    It’s the question of choosing
    Between the two, which is the worst.

    Sometimes, I write,
    Sometimes, I don’t.
    It’s what I want to, but can not write,
    Which is the cause of my woes.

    Sometimes, I sleep,
    Sometimes, I don’t.
    It’s the dreamless sleep
    That I loath the most.

    Sometimes I give.
    I take mostly.
    How does one handle this give-n-take
    When deep down, one is so empty.

    Sometimes, you share,
    Sometimes, you hide.
    What you try to hide so,
    makes me feel there’s something gentler inside.


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