A country needs authority when it needs heroes. That it needs heroes is a bad thing- because if we need great men, then our people are powerless.If you advertised that you really loved a camera, people will want to steal it. The more value you attach to something, the more value it has. That is how the stock market works for example, a company wants to buy a podium for example which costs Rs.100. It does not have Rs 100, so it invites shared ownership from members of the public, 10 shares of 10 Rs each. Someone says the podium will sell tomorrow for 500 Rs, hundreds more suddenly buy 10 Rs shares… The podium is worth that much more. This is capital value generation.

Leadership also corrupts absolutely. Such a leader empties people’s minds, weakens individual ambition. Slowly they lose all that they have, want, need or desire thus creating a dependence; feeding on the need, deriving power.

A world without leaders is the best chance we have.