Nasty IIPM: Some Memories!

If you read Indian blogs then you know about the IIPM controversy. This post will tell you all about it, and these are words from one of the central figures. It gets worse, with nasty comments here and will probably worsen in time…There are several reasons why IIPM infuriates me however it is hard to beat this controversy. Setting up fake blogs, threatening someone and being blatently abusive because they ‘spoke’ their mind is at best undemocratic and at worst plain disgusting.

Two years ago, when I went to debate at IIPM’s annual festival, I lost a debate I should have won and it was obvious to most people. I asked why. I was told that my manner of speaking was too “un-lady like” and “Too aggressive for a woman”! The second time in that same year that IIPM pissed me off was when (much against my wishes) my college had decided to invite Arindham Choudhary to speak at one of our seminars.

His secretary (the only person I could get to on the phone or in person) said that Arindham would be willing to discuss the subject etc of the seminar and all that only after we deposited an initial fee in his bank account whose number the secretary reeled off with a great deal of alacrity. When asked about the sum I was told “One lakh and forty thousand minimum’! Incidentally my college cannot afford an auditorium and most students travel by public transport.

Two schoolmates of mine are students at IIPM. I met them there two years ago. I was amazed at how any semblance of intelligence they possessed had vanished without a trace and had been replaced by management jargon and neatly pressed tight fitting suits in air conditioned classrooms that had everything but books, pens and learning aids!

Just to add that I fully support Gaurav, Rashmi and the Desipundit team against IIPM. If anyone from IIPM happens to read my post, do also read my disclaimer and yes! You may consider adding me to the IIPM hit-list, I would be very amused at a real-varna blog. 🙂