Some reflections on free speech

This is post is the culmination of a stream of thought that has been in the making for a long time– in recent times fuelled by the whole IIPM controversy. The tragedy of this whole controversy is much larger than that of obscenities, fake blogs, legal notifications or false claims. It has to do with democracy.After Mediaah and the increasing standards of moral policing in this country– what is at threat most is free speech. No form of democracy sadly can survive without dissent. A system of democracy works for example only when society allows for transparency. What JAM did was a courageous act of journalism, in addition it has done what scores of rankings could not. It has made *public*, that which should have been public either way! It is a students’ right to know the quality of education being served up.

I would go as far to say that the blog wars and in particular Gaurav have done students of IIPM and future managerial pursuits a favor. Why? Because IIPM students need to know that they have been hoodwinked, that the degree they get will not enable them to pass muster anywhere, aside of individual talent. Because IIPM students need to know that they have been lied to. One would think that our outrage would be theirs too. Sadly, such is the brainwashing (and I must give Arindham credit for that) that we have IIPM students (perhaps and hopefully not-genuine) stooping to new lows to protect their alma mater including and not limited to sexual slander.

This is why, what Gaurav has done through his resignation is important, it sets an example. An example of standards that people (and I’m delighted that most people on the desi-blogosphere have) must have and must have the courage to stand up to.

To IIPM I have but one think to say: Freedom of speech is the liberty to freely say what one pleases, as well as the related liberty to hear what others have stated. It is not becoming (to say the least) of an institution that claims to be among the best ones to stamp on this right. That you shall not succeed no matter how hard you try is a different thing altogether!

In the meantime, for those of us who thought we should start a blog in support of Gaurav- I agree, this might a good place to begin. If Desipundit and others who want this to go to the printed press I might be able to help, I know someone in a news agency more than willing to publish, also know a young albeit good lawyer willing to tell us about the legal notices. Any takers?

UPDATE: You must read this and this. They’re the best we can do to IIPM. Ridicule them!