IIPM Afterthoughts

For a while the IIPM vs ‘The Blogging Community’ bit was a joke. Now we have transcended that phase. Parts of what IIPM has done and continues to do is a joke, but more like a really really bad one. What kind of institution that ‘teaches’ sends out ‘legal notices’ via e-mail to bloggers? What pains me is not that I have received one of these; but that IIPM continues to lack the grace to come out and apologize to the blogging community.Surely anyone in their senses (especially a management school) would realize that threats over-used will hurt their cause more than ours. I have little to lose (not even a job), not even a ‘great’ bloggers reputation. Take a look at the comments to the legal notice– most in support and just two (thus far) reeking of abusive overtones. I want to ask: How does my having failed thrice, twice, once or never or having a hundred rich or poor boyfriends simultaneously help IIPM’s cause?

Is it not high time that the IIPM management realize that stifling mass opinion is not going to work. The disgraceful part is that I have been bombarded by e-mails from IIPM students telling me that I am hurting their academic pursuits. Am I? Is not the JAM magazine report something that IIPM owed its students? Should bloggers be held responsible for upholding academic and intellectual integrity and freedom? YES! This is our responsibility.

What is unfair is what IIPM has done. I know I have responded a little late today (forgive me, I have been tied up with other matters), but I want to categorically state: I am NOT scared of IIPM and their threats– empty or not. I will now and every other time that I shall be needed to– stand for free speech.


PS: Thanks to all those of you who have supported me. 😀