A last post on IIPM…

Why last? For several reasons. For starters this is my blog. It is my space. I obviously have other things to talk about aside of IIPM. That is not to say that I no longer wish to be an active part of this debate or have stopped believing in the issue. It is simply this: I do not want to give IIPM the credit of reducing my blog to a series of defend and attack posts having to do solely with the appalling institution that IIPM is.

1) I think I have said enough on the issue. That is to say, that I support Gaurav and Rashmi on the issue wholeheartedly. Over the last two days I have spoken my mind to the Indian Express and to NDTV.

2) I have clarified that I have nothing against ‘Management’ as a discipline nor against the students of IIPM– present, past or future. In fact, on the contrary I think one of the prime reasons as to why I took this up was because I felt and still feel that it is IIPM students who have the most at stake in this battle. Apparently, they feel otherwise.

3) I view the IIPM blog wars as a fundamental breach of the right to free speech, I think IIPM has used underhanded ways to try and hurt bloggers including a legal notice to me and to Gaurav via e-mail. I believe that they are wrong and know they have failed miserably.

d) I have heard conflicting legal counsel on what I should do. I have decided to not reply to the e-mail for now. Should I be required to go to court, make a statement or such I have already stated I will do so.

This issue is important to me, because I take it personally. Not the fact that I was sent a notice or that I have been called ‘X’ number and ‘Y’ kind of abuses but because I believe in free speech and in the inalienable right of an individual to speak out. I do not think that it is OK for IIPM to threaten anyone.

In their statement to the Indian Express (in reaction to the fact that IIPM sent me a legal notice) today the dean of IIPM A Sandeep said: “I don’t think so. I have no idea about it.” I have to say this is ludicrous as well. Why retract? Are they now ashamed because they know they threatened a 21 yr old? Do they now want to stop this issue from escalating? the statement at any rate displays ambiguity– at IIPM do they not know who they send out legal notices to? Or do they do it so often, that they’ve lost count? Or is it simply not worth keeping track of?

Whatever the reasons are, I am too much a part of this whole episode to be outside it any longer. Long live bloggers and long live liberty!