Communities In Action

I haven’t had a television for the last three years. The little that I do watch usually, is, when a friend calls up and asks me to watch a ‘must-watch’ show– which then sends me into a desperate spin to find a television in the vicinity. That probably explains why I have no clue what ‘desperate housewives’ is about save the fact that I never want to end up being one. Back home– is the other place where I get to watch TV. Mostly re-runs of old news shows owing to my parents occupation, but sometimes I end up watching a good programme or two. One such programme in recent times was on NDTV.
I have, on older posts, talked about the idea of communities. An active civil society movement that slowly eliminates the need for a centralised system of governance. Nagaland in India has been trying to do this NDTV tells me. What they have done is to give total ownership and governance responsibilities of local schools to the parents of students. An organisation of these parents even have the duty to disburse payments to the teachers– which they do from funds that the government credits monthly into their joint bank account.
The good part is that now instead of complaining about the quality of education, parents are now getting together to design innovative learning approaches. They manage everything starting from uniforms to curriculum. Statistics say the pass percentage is now as high as ninety percent from a mere eight percent!