Sinking to new lows

I had, as you all realized, decided to stop posting about IIPM till this happened. Now however, since Mr. A Saxena has very kindly decided to leave a comment on my blog, let me respond.Mr Saxena:1) Yes, I do know who you are and that is unfortunate for me. I know who you are not because of the IIPM controversy or anything else, but because the legal notice I received was sent to me in your name.

2) I have no reason whatsoever to believe you, when you say that you did not send me the legal notice because as you know I have absolutely no respect for IIPM as an institution or its administration, I believe that you have lied in the mass media because it was convenient and embarrassing for you- like I mentioned in my previous post. Sending a 21 something a legal notice is NOT a feather in your cap. I venture you sent me that notice without knowing how old I was in the first place, till Indian Express told you so!

3) I doubt very seriously that any guy or girl has attempted to ‘fool’ me, because I doubt anybody has such a pathetic sense of humour.

4) I have been blogging for close to two years now. Never in these two years have I resorted to this sort of gimmick to increase hits to my site. I am neither stupid nor desperate. I did not invite obscene comments left on my blog of my accord from your supporters and I have better things to do. On the other hand it is IIPM that indulges in cheap ranking tricks- as documented here.

5) It gives me no joy to be a ‘celebrity’ if that is what you want to call it. I made statements to Express and NDTV because I was speaking the truth and because as I have said time and again I believe in free speech.

6) I do not believe that Google has without my consent (even if I imagined that they has access to my contact information) given out any information to you. FYI the number you have is wrong. Even if it were the right one, it would only prove that I copied the e-mail you sent me from my mail account on to my blog. This is true. I posted the e-mail you sent me onto my blog!

7) If you have no intentions of sending me yet another legal notice, then thank god! I would’ve really thought you were losing your marbles.

8) You continue to try and threaten me even in this comment. What part of what I write have you not understood? I am NOT scared by your threats Mr. A. Saxena, you do whatever you bloody god damn well want.

Finally thank you for the qualifier on the quality of my posts. I am touched by your descriptions.