The last word…

I am not going to waste words on IIPM any further… I’m glad to say that both Gaurav and Rashmi have moved on with their blogs and so have I (see above and below). I owe a bit of information to all these readers who have commented on my blog. I have looked at the header of the e-mail I have received. With whatever little knowledge of computers I possess I can say that the e-mail came to me from an e-mail address, which was this: ‘’. The header has this IP address: , I have taken the liberty to get this checked and it turns out to be in Delhi and IIPM. I leave the rest to you.No more time, money, blog space or breath to be wasted on IIPM and its cheap tactics.

* Please note. I am not going to respond to further comments- abusive/non-abusive.




For the last time I am going to state that I have nothing against the students of IIPM, only against the administration. If my ‘notice’ indeed is a hoax, then I owe an apology to my readers and then to IIPM for stating that I received a notice from *them*. It is not up for debate whether I received an e-mail or not. I did. That is the truth. Its sources can be doubted by those who wish to doubt it– I never claimed to be a genius with computers. I will not apologize for my views, opinions or anything else I have said about IIPM and its educational standards or its behavior with regards to this whole issue aside of the above. I stand by my views.

PPS: I still support free speech! 😀