On language Idiots…

Back in Delhi I teach English at a foreign language institute. My job is funnier than it is frustrating. One of the first things I teach my students is to read sentences completely and subsequently (this is important) tell them to try and comprehend what they mean.A popular management institute that I have blogged much about in the past apparently does not believe in teaching its students the way I do. That they cannot tell sarcasm from normal speech is not as surprising to me as is the way they assume and presume and then proceed to extrapolate. One of these, went far enough to lie.

PS: In other news– The much discussed IP does not directly belong to IIPM. But take a look at this:

Net Range: belongs to ‘Savvis’ probably a company a web space or server provider IN the US and is one of their servers… Guess who owns it ? ‘Delhi Net’ and on there website it says it is a part of ‘allindianet’. Incidentally, ‘ iipm.edu‘ is hosted at http://thewebhostingpeople.com/, which too, happens to be part of the ‘allindianetwork’. The comment  in question also came from the same net range. Co-incidence? I think not.

No I will not post the full e-mail header. Why? Because I intent to preserve my head and sanity– considering I have been threatened both in the e-mail and in subsequent comments I have received. I think that is only fair.

I am not a software techie and I am definitely female.

I did not, have not and will not apologize to IIPM.

Thanks to all of you continue to support free speech. To those of you who have left nasty comments and started new blogs- the reason I even I bother with you guys is because I still believe in free speech.