Why WordPress

I’m trying to move my blog to word press. You might ask why? It has categories, its faster, easier and on the whole it has better interfaces. Wish me luck….

2 thoughts on “Why WordPress

  1. Hi, Ive been a fan of JAM, Gaurav,Rashmi and have been following the controvery for quite some time now and just bumped upon here while browsing.
    Just want to congratulate you all for doing what is the best for the public interests
    And for shifting from Blogger to WordPress, just wanted to tell you that personally i found Blogger more reliable than wordpress(yeah WP had a few breakdowns quite recently :()
    As for getting the posts from getting from blogger to WP, I had seen someone who had done the same so can try to help you out.(if you want)

    As for suresh if you read this, get back to me at thebrethren@gmail.com for an invite 😉


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