My Fantasy Machine

I started out with computers more than nine years ago- when I unwillingly walked into a computer lab with a whole host of equally unwilling classmates upon whom a strange new subject had been thrust. I remember picking a mouse up, turning it around and pronouncing it ugly. This was in school. At that point the kids had to learn LOGO, intermediate classes BASIC and advanced learners WordStar 7!!

Nice years hence, I have my own blog and am the unofficial crisis-call person for most of my friends and my family. There is something immensely attractive about a bunch of hyper-linked documents. The idea of doing something across immense geographical distances in real time is a wonder that I still grapple with. Several people who read this blog complain that it has far too much on it. They are right. I have oodles of add-ons and that makes my page awfully slow to load. I can’t help it. A deep sense of pain seizes me whenever I open the template edit section of Blogger’s CMS to delete some of these. There are countless hours of browsing and playing around at stake. The joy of being an amateur HTML manipulator is something that I cannot convey.

So I decided to play around with the new blogging wonder Word Press. I’ve spent the last week (besides work, school and play) playing round with MySQL, PHP, WAMP and Word Press and now it works. This is the best WP tutorial I’ve found on the net. I’ve thought of a new name for the blog too. Now all I need to do is to find a cheap Indian domain registration place and a cheap hosting service. Suggestions are welcome. That shall happen next month since this month I have to spend on an exciting trip….

I also checked out RedHat and Open Office. I am now an official Open Office fan. Its fantastic and its better than Microsoft. Its faster, lighter and has more features. Next week I shall have a binary OS on my system. Let’s see if I turn into a LINUX slave.


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