I just quit as the Debating Society president of college (after two long years) after a huge scene in front of my teachers. There are reasons (logical ones) which tell me that this is on the whole not really a terrible thing. For one this means I will have more time to study and pay attention to my future. Its bad because well…. It was ugly.I just learnt how difficult authority can be. I don’t mean my teachers. I’m talking about this woman who managed to steal credit for all my work. At one point she was a friend of mine. That was till I decided she could responsibly handle running the debating society set-up. I slowly got relegated to the outside. My opinion suddenly didn’t count. I suddenly wasn’t asked about decisions or things. And by some quirk of what I was still being blamed for everything that went wrong.

The tragedy is that this whole scenario isn’t new. This is the way it always works. This is what happens when you give people the power, they abuse it. Never mind who is losing out– even if it is the institution. Even if you are failing a legacy.

I feel no grief. The pain is but transient. Its just hard to watch something you’ve built crumble before your eyes.