This is what my desktop currently looks like….I draw the following conclusions from it:

1) I am a ‘be-organized’ freak
2) I am a customization freak
3) I download too much
4) I spend too much time on my computer
5) I would be heart-broken if something happened to my computer

And additions?


One thought on “Ahem….

  1. 🙂 thats mine, no wallpaper as i was learning to adjust my screen for calliberation of the monitor for photoshop use.

    For you:
    1. too many in system tray…leave your ram at peace 😀
    2. my personal choice, Windows Classic mode..it just rocks.
    3. No Quick start.
    4. i hope the calander is on the wallpaper, as i have screw using few low end apps, like temprature, screensavers, calanders, and encoutered your 5.
    5. are you using Norton? i just cant accept just that bloddy application, i have no idea, why is it famous, nor for its performance, its a piece of sh*t. i reason to support, 500MB for a antivirus application, wtf?
    5. so sad not to see firefox isnt there!


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