Pakistan Diaries I

Ok… So the title is a tad premature. I couldn’t resist it. Really. What is this about? It’s about a long awaited and much dreamt about trip to Pakistan coming true. Tomorrow evening at six I take a flight to Lahore to return after a good ten days later. Why am I excited? There is all the obvious stuff- I’m going there for a Debate of sorts, its a new country and such. Most importantly I get to see Pakistan. The much discussed, much abused and much questioned nation of people who a large majority of Indians hate for what they think is good reason. I had stopped feeling this way about traveling– in fact train trips were becoming more and more of a painful exercise in recent times. Not so this time. Aside of the fact that I’m going to fly this time around– the forgotten feeling of new sights, smells and adventure is invading my mind.Getting this trip together has been a disaster. What with our Visas not coming through until today evening, flights getting booked and then getting cancelled and having to scrounge for money and sponsorship. All well now though. So I’m off now…. Have much to do including four position papers to write. GRIMACE!

Posts over the next week shall be few and far between and will largely be about my trip. 😀