Pakistan Diaries II

I spent most of the morning stuffing clothes, socks and bunches of paper on Belgium’s free trade status in to my suitcase. Somewhere mid-way I also washed clothes, dried them and yelled at the maid. Later that afternoon I took an auto to meet my co-delegates to Pakistan. We stuffed ourselves in a blue Indica– one on top of the other and arrived at the airport ten minutes past scheduled check-in.


Going to Pakistan is pretty exciting. Customs officials scrutinizing baggage, the millions of stamps… Except that when you get to Lahore you feel like the overdone ‘International Experience’ was well just to another part of India. Exactly fifty minutes after we boarded the flight, captain announced our arrival to Lahore. So we landed. Then there were several lines to stand in and broad smiles at the airport from officials who were extremely nice to us. The airport was warm, but the flight had been cold so we all rushed to the loo. 🙂

We were then bundled into a rather rickety bus, by the people who came to receive us. Lahore from the Bus at about nine in the night is well… Like Delhi. Or at least the good parts. Wide roads, lights, huge billboards; but I must admit with a definitive intellectual air to it. We arrived at Lahore University of Management Sciences. The campus is like three IITs put together. Its beautiful. The infrastructure is devastating to a Delhi University student. Three computer Labs with at least a hundred working computers each! 😀 Dinner was yumm…! Chicken et al…

We spent most of the evening wandering through campus freezing our butts off… But it was fun. The came the not-so-pleasant bit when we sat up and wrote our papers for the conference in the LUMS library (which, by the way is huge and has a cartloads of amazing journals on just about everything– bound in red leather with gold lettering) and the computer labs till the wee hours of the morning.

That’s how yesterday melted into today.