Back to my blog

I’m back from my trip to Pakistan. Its been crazy, fun, exhilarating, fantastic and troublesome at the same time. There is much to say about it and I shall ,when time permits, in a longer blog post. For now, I am delighted to be back at my blog. While at Pakistan, several of us were discussing new technologies including pod casting and photo-blogging. Its nice to know that blogs actually cross boundaries in several forms. Several of us are now trying to create interactive essays like this. Perhaps we will even upload the sounds of Lahore here.In the meantime, I have come home to an impending entrance examination next week, piles of assignments and an enormous college fest to organize. Life hacker has some brilliant ideas to deal with stuff, if like me you, are eternally bogged down by ‘To-Do’ lists. ‘On a point of entertainment’ I just spend a fascinating hour looking at this, yes it is a waste of time. But well… So what!