Thoughts for a brand new year

First up- Happy New Year to all of you! 😀 Yes, it is a couple of days late thanks to an application I managed to submit at 11:59!!!! So here we are in 2006.This blog is now officially two years old, there have been posts with long breaks in between, brickbats, bouquets and suggestions. My life too has changed much. From being an irresponsible critter I am now nearly done with college and am now seriously reviewing the 'where-to' question.

Last year was transformative. I get the feeling that the transformation trend is going to continue through 2006 for me. Theer were several ups that I must be thankful for and several others that I wished had never happened. A great trip to Pakistan, several debating victories, many controversies that only strengthened my resolve about certain things, a loved one going away, more time away from home, not being well, an extra cold winter, my last year at college, projects I enjoyed doing, new friendships, some venomous enemies….

I'm hoping for an easier year in several ways. I want some fun that hasn't been around in ages. Much introspection has gone into the writing of my 'Statement of Purpose', essays so I don't really want to turn this into that sort of forum…. Though once I get through anything I will be glad to post all them for public reading. 😉

So here's wishing all of you a great year ahead. Ahem! Regular programming will resume after the author's schedule allows for more blogging time and moi brain demands less sleep.