Suppose you’ve spent three years with someone. You’ve laughed with them, cried with them, fought some of your biggest battles and shared your victories with them. You’ve walked miles together, you’ve watched the sky turn from pink to black for days on end, you’ve writen essays together, defended each other to the hilt, survived on the other person’s money and even lived with the other person when you needed to hide.You’ve been naughty together and been very good too. You’ve gotten drunk, smoked, borrowed clothes, fought and lazed in the winter sun, sipped glasses of cold lemonade, watched each other’s backs and felt like the other person was always there. Suppose you bunked college together and regularly yelled at each other for not sleeping or eating enough. Suppose this person was your best friend.

Suppose you see that both of you are drifting and that you know there is nothing you can do about it. Suppose the only thing that the two of you have ever had in common was your institution. Suppose suddenly, you suddenly find yourself being left-out. How would you feel? Like me I suppose.

I don’t quite love her. I will miss her though. I do as a matter of fact. Life has got a weird way of lighting these flares in your head– why do you never know before it is too late? This is for you Nidhi. I hope you know I’m glad that you’ve been around with me in college all this time and thank you for trusting me!