Wiki Whacky….

I’ve always found the idea behind wikis rather revolutionary, they’re simple, fast and amazingly collaborative. In that sense they do even more than blogs can. So now i’m building myself a wiki here. Read more about the wiki revolution here and if you intend to set up one then try PBWiki. Ideas are welcome.

2 thoughts on “Wiki Whacky….

  1. Hey i was so inspired to write on Wiki,
    im sure, you will be reading something you havent expected, since you being a film maker,i woulkd be happy if you bring this into light, i have many such short visions, that i would like to make short videos, but im so much pulled in many directions, im not hitting things like this one, im english is horrible, and i never read to read my articles twice, bcause no one else passes by, thats not an issue,just to let you know, please take some time, and a little bit of patience to read, any clarifications please buzz me!!!


  2. hey there,

    spankin’ new blog, i see.. 🙂 i hope u realized that ur wiki is protected with a password without which others cannot see its contents..

    how r u doing? am ok – enjoying Mumbai and trying to get a “work-life balance”.. do tell me how your work N life is progressing (maybe an email?)



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