Una Voce

Una Voce means ‘With one’s voice’. With Una Voce I’ve finally made the WordPress transition. Well maybe not quite… wordpress.com doesn’t quite have all the power that running wordpress on your own server does, but buying my own domain and space will have to wait for a while.

In the meantime there are a lot of advantages already. Categories and a really fast blog to begin with. Multiple pages means that it looks more like a website, and that I can split my content over to many linked pages.

There are problems too– like the fact that I would love to edit the template but I can’t on wordpress.com yet…. but I suppose that will come about soon enough….

One thought on “Una Voce

  1. Nice. The template looks cool… and uncommon I don’t think I have seen this particular template anywhere.

    If you do plan to move to your own server (I think you should) you should do it as soon as possible. It is generally a big (avoidable) pain in the ass to move your blog from one place to another.

    The ‘About Me’ in your old blog is an excellent piece of writing. I think it deserves a place on the front page. Btw I am in Delhi now.

    One more request. Right now a commenter has to be logged in to wordpress.com to comment on you blog. Consider making comments open for all so that I do not have to log in to my wordpress.com account


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