Tagged Again!

Every once in a while a meme creeps up on you and you get tagged. This time its Varun who has tagged me with the ‘My Perfect Lover‘ meme.

So anyway, since I haven’t been blogging for a while now, I decided to pick up the tag. The meme says I have to come up with eight different points i’d like to see in my pefect lover– hahahaha! Ok, here goes:

1. Tall, Dark, French beard: Physical attributes.
2. Must enjoy music as much as I do. It won’t hurt if Pink Floyd is amongst the ‘favourite music’ list.
3. Must believe in freedom, peace and be secular. More importantly must respect my sense of independence.
4. Must look beyond the stereotyped image of the ‘woman’.
5. Must understand my concerns and trust me.
6. Must make me laugh and be my very best friend. Also must be someone who can deal with my eccentricities and still love me.
7. Must stand up for me.
8. Must know that I love him when I say I do.

Fortunately for me, this man is not a would-be! I love being in love with him and he’s the most special guy in the whole world. He makes me warm and happy. We laugh together and have the most thunderous of fights– but the bottom line is that I can’t live without this guy. In a couple of months we’ll be holidyaing somewhere together. That shall be bliss.

And now, I tag:

1. Sarika
2. Red
3. Saurabh
4. Joe Matt
5. Both the authors at Mercatus
6. Aniruddha and
7. Geetika

6 thoughts on “Tagged Again!

  1. Since you have tagged me here is my list of the purrfect 8.

    1. Companionship – Romance dies. Lust falls. Love flickers. But do I want to be with her through sorrow, mirth and boredom?

    2. Personality – A strong sense of persona, well-read and articulate. It is a reflection of the troubles gone through and fortitude for those yet to come.

    3. Trust, honesty and loyalty

    4. Combination of a baby; a girl and a woman!

    5. Has body language. Her eyes especially!

    6. Understands saving, investment and children well. And is good with packing…I am horrible at it!

    7. Has a set of interests and a life that is not completely aligned to mine

    8. Enjoys making love with me (only:-)

    Hehehehe…if you think that is an impossible list then don’t worry I nearly have all those.


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