Toefl CBT Quirkiness

Where does ETS find these?

    Nabateans PetraThe Blue footed BoobyOnager or the Asiatic wild ass

    Lafons’ reagent

    Byzantine mazes

    Wrangell Island to Anchorage

    The undirgirding of cars and excessive salinity

    The Red-headed Clytus and the Banded Ash Borer

    Soils of the Ozark region

    Little auks, Guillemonts, Razorbills, and the extinct Grey auk

    Jensonian nocturne

    A melody by Rossini or a scherzo by Beethoven

    The Duncan sofa

    Place vendome

    Henry and June on sexual exploration

    The Hyas Araneus carries a small garden on its head

    Carl Maria Von Weber